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RiverBank Partners With Dash®

Do you have staff that still receives paper checks and you are looking for a more flexible way to pay them? Look no further because we have you covered with DashSolutions!

RiverBank Paycard

Simplify your payroll process with Dash®Pay:

  • Personalized or instant issue cards make onboarding easy
  • Deliver wages in a  highly efficient and fully compliant manner
  • Transparent low fee structure
  • Increase enrollment in direct deposit
  • User-friendly cardholder app
  • 24/7/365 cardholder support

Additional Solutions & Benefits:

  • Digital and physical prepaid card options
  • Reduce costs associated with paper checks
  • Convenience and efficiency of streamlined reconciliation
  • Reduce the risk of check fraud
  • Effortlessly reload cards online for ongoing programs
  • Simple and secure ordering at your convenience
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Reward Card


Product Spotlight:

Say thank you to your team by ordering a Reward Card from DashSolutions!
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