Jamie Rovey, Janette Smith, Josh Bafus

Hefty Seed Company

Jamie Rovey, Janette Smith, Josh Bafus

“Hefty Seed Co. has been through several bank mergers and we started struggling with the corporate regulations and felt the big banks didn’t understand the Ag world, didn’t care as much, and were being very difficult to deal with. RiverBank was actually recommended to us by one of our past loan officers. We called Shelley at RiverBank and she was quick to come out to see our operation and business model. Shelley went to bat for us and it wasn’t long after, that RiverBank stepped in and took us on as a new client. We’ve been with RiverBank since 2017 and are happy for making the move to a bank that understands the different needs of all businesses…especially Ag. It was also comforting knowing that Shelley has been working in agricultural lending for years and had a lot of experience to bring to the table.”

Thoughts shared by Jamie Rovey (General Manager), Janette Smith (Office Manager) and Josh Bafus (Agronomist).

About Us

In 2007, Hefty Seed Co. opened in Farmington, WA selling crop protection products, fertilizer and seed. Our company strives to help farmers do more themselves in their operations to increase profits. Hefty’s goal is NOT to sell product, but to help farmers earn more money by increasing yields and improving their land through better agronomic practices.

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