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Bruce & Dawn Gregg, Owners

Ace Hardware

ACE on Francis and Ash & Rowan ACE Hardware

“We chose RiverBank because it is a community oriented, local bank that values small business and takes the time to understand our needs. We appreciate that decisions are made locally and we are not just an account in a file that gets shuffled around from place to place. RiverBank exceeds our banking needs by understanding our unique business and our future goals. We feel our banker is personally interested in our success and we value our relationship with him. We use their mobile branch service and find it is not just a time saver for us, but a huge financial plus on the labor budget! I love not having to take an hour to run to the bank. All of my requests are done with one quick email and the customer service is friendly, fast and knowledgeable. We got tremendous value from the bank CEO taking the time to sit down with us to listen and understand us and how the bank could serve our needs.”

          - Dawn Gregg

About Us

"We started our first business in 2003 and have grown to two successful businesses. We have a unique business model with ebbs and flows throughout the year and we needed a bank who understood our needs. We began the journey of owning this business with another bank and several of the folks we had done business with in our 15 years have moved to RiverBank. They understand us, our business and our needs and most important to us, they are local! We strive to be the best at local customer service and we feel we have a great partner in RiverBank."

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