Mobile Branch Services

Our concierge comes to your business to conduct safe & secure banking transactions, while saving you time & money. It is simply one way that We Bring Banking to You!

  • Who is the service for?

    Our Mobile Branches travel throughout Spokane County to serve our business customers. During initial conversations with one of our Bankers, you will learn how the Mobile Branch Service can benefit your business.

  • How does this service work?

    Once the frequency of service is established, we can transport Bank documents or conduct transactions directly in your office. Simply call with your request and let us bring the bank to you.

  • Are my deposits secure?

    Yes. Our concierge provides the same service and protection as the teller window, including FDIC insurance the moment the deposit is picked up.

How much money can your business save yearly, using our Mobile Branches? Up to $4,000 a year!




Trips to the Bank each week = 5
Employee travel time = 24 min
Employee branch time = 15 min
Estimated hourly wage = $16

Daily Cost      = $15.32
Weekly Cost   = $76.60
Annual Cost   = $3,830.00

The numbers above are based on the customer location being 2 miles from the Bank, the IRS mileage rate of $0.580, and taxes & benefits at 25%. Note: Mobile Branch Services are provided to our full relationship business banking customers in Spokane County. Call for pricing information.