Kevin McCathren, CEO/Owner

McCathren Management & Real Estate Services

Kevin McCathren, CEO/Owner

“For me, unlike any other bank in town, RiverBank takes care of my client’s needs, my company needs, and my personal needs. For me they are a Godsend. With all the systems I have in place for my company and my employees, including payroll, banking with RiverBank makes things better. The employees may not know this, but it makes a difference.

When RiverBank opened in 2006 I was there waiting. I believed they were going to provide something better and I now estimate that RiverBank services, specifically mobile branching and concierge, save my company and clients thousands of dollars each year in productivity. I believe they are committed to their clients’ success first, knowing that success will translate into success for them.

It is extremely evident when they are building relationships with businesses, and businesses are people, that they actually care. They show it in so many ways. RiverBank is there with solid recommendations, helping business owners make wise decisions and removing roadblocks. They cater to my needs, and with their help I have been able to grow my business. Having the right partner for our banking needs makes all the difference.”


McCathren Management & Real Estate Services is a Spokane-based full service property management company that also specializes sales, acquisition, and leasing. With properties in three states across the Inland Northwest and clients from all around the U.S., we are the local industry experts providing a personalized, hands-on approach delivering the most profit to our clients.

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