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  • Mobile Branch Requests

    For Our Business Clients

    Pick Ups | Deliveries | Change Requests


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  • Traveling

    Ensure a smooth journey.

    Call before you go: 509.744.6900

  • Lost or Stolen Cards

    Debit Card

    Business Hours: 509.744.6900
    After Hours: 877.226.2351

    Credit Card

    All Hours: 800.367.7576

  • Wire Instructions


    For Domestic Wire Transfers, please complete and securely submit your request by 1pm Pacific Time (PT).

    Please note: Prior to requesting a Wire Transfer, you must have a completed Wire Transfer Services Agreement on file.

    For International Wire Transfers or to set up a Repetitive Wire Transfer, please contact your Banker.


    Follow the Incoming Wire Transfer Instructions to ensure your wire transfer arrives timely.

  • Product Support

    Bill Pay Support

    • Monday - Friday 9:00am to 5:00pm PST: 509.744.6900
    • 4:30am to 11:00pm PST: 888.726.4508

    Card Services Support

    • Debit Card: 509.744.6900
               To activate debit card or change PIN, use our Toll-Free VRU: 888.227.3096 (must know current PIN)
    • Credit Card: 800.367.7576 or visit

    Merchant Services Support

    Customer Service: 844.822.1281 or visit

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